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Total Bracing

From product ordering to patient care to billing and collections, MyAncillary is a comprehensive solution for managing you ancillary program.

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Ancillary Advantage recruits, hires, trains, and manages the DME Coordinator(s) that make your program work. This has been part of Ancillary Advantage’s long-standing operations model and is a large reason for its success. We employ over 50 DME Coordinators, many of whom are Certified Athletic Trainers.


Each of our DME Coordinators is trained and managed by an experienced Area Manager. On day one in your practice, they are 100% effective in operating your DME program. As a result, there is no ramp up to see the financial results and profits from the program.


Ancillary Advantage utilizes the NATA, the National Athletic Trainers Association, Career Center to recruit and hire only the best professionals Once on board, we offer continuing education support to create a fulfilling environment for staff retention. Should a DME Coordinator leave the practice, we recruit and train a replacement at no cost to the practice.

Product Sourcing

No one manufacturer can meet both your clinical and your product cost needs. Ancillary Advantage is manufacturer neutral, offering over 130 manufacturers and 1000's of products to choose from.


Our job is to make sure your practice has the most cost effective and clinically beneficial products available. And, one of the hallmarks of our program is product consulting. Because we work with so many physicians and practices, we have experience with virtually every DME product on the market. Through product recommendations and on-site product fairs, with all the options on the table, you and your physicians are able to decide what makes sense for your practice.


We take the mystery out of DME pricing. Ancillary Advantage offers transparent pricing, so your price is our cost. And since we are purchasing for over 500 physicians across our book of business, we can provide you the best pricing on all products.


And finally, we take away the logistical headaches of managing a DME inventory. We handle purchasing, control inventory levels and manage vendor relationships. At the end of the month, instead of seeing a stack of packing lists and invoices to reconcile, you see one invoice for all products.

Revenue Management

Ancillary Advantage has been in the business of billing and collecting for physician practices for over ten years. We understand the operational issues related to doing so and we are experts in DME compliance and coding.


We bill under your tax identification number and all payments come directly to you. Our revenue management services include payer precertifications, claims processing, electronic billing and collections. We operate a Central Billing Office in Canton, Ohio staffed by experienced DME reimbursement professionals.


One of the key metrics for a billing function is net collection rate. For many of our customers, we deliver a rate in excess of 97%. Because DME billing and collections is all we do, and because we don't get paid if you don't get paid, we are 100% focused on collecting every dollar your practice is entitled to.


MyAncillary, our DME practice management system, was developed by us specifically to work in an orthopaedic practice managing the full scope of a bracing program. We use MyAncillary to manage practices ranging in size from 3 physicians to over 100 physicians.


Besides product ordering and inventory management, MyAncillary includes an interactive payer module that proactively identifies pre-certification and do-not-dispense requirements so that you are paid for all products dispensed.


MyAncillary can be integrated with your practice management system or EMR via HL7. This eliminates duplicate data entry and ensures both systems are in sync. We also provide a patient portal and electronic document system to virtually eliminate the need for printed paperwork. These features support the requirements of Medicare’s Meaningful Use guidelines.


Just like with a DME program, one size does not fit all. Ancillary Advantage owns, operates and maintains MyAncillary. This means if you want a modification to the program, we can make it happen quickly and generally at no cost to you. And when you have a question or need assistance, we have a team dedicated to providing this support.

Program Consulting

For over a decade, we have been providing seamless solutions for creating and realizing ancillary opportunities for physician programs. We offer customized programs to fit almost any practice. Our goal is to deliver the best clinical and financial program to our customers.


Our customers average collections of over $50,000 per year per physician, almost double what many self-managed practices are realizing. With our focus on your practice, we make sure you take advantage of every opportunity to provide DME services to your patients.


With our experience and established implementation protocols, we can get a practice up and running within 30 days of receiving their Medicare DMEPOS enrollment. We keep you in the loop but we take care of all the heavy lifting to get your program in place and operational. This includes having our implementation team on-site with the DME Coordinator to ensure all systems are operating correctly. Post implementation, we monitor your practice performance in real-time using MyAncillary. And with the constant guidance of our regional operations managers, you are ensured of continued compliance.